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Device Security Software

Best Device Security Software : Reviews, Pricing, Comparison & Alternatives

What is Device Security Software ?

Endpoint security software combines a number of endpoint security and management features to provide all-in-one solution for securing endpoints. These tools facilitate terminal management through remote control, monitoring and inventory management. Endpoint protection suites also offer some level of endpoint detection and remediation to identify and remove the causes of web threats. Our SaaS (Software as a Service) software comparator allows you to compare 11 endpoint security software.

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Why use Device Security Software ?

What are the key features and benefits of Device Security Software ?

  • Easier control over endpoints
  • Anti-virus and malware protection on endpoints
  • Easier detection and remediation of web threats

What are the Cons of Device Security Software ?

  • Data hosting: not necessarily stored in your country (server abroad)
  • Installation & Maintenance: it is preferable to call on an IT integrator
  • Technical support: it is preferable to train employees when changing software packages
  • Security & Confidentiality: you must trust the publisher of the solution
  • Price: multiplying subscription software can be costly for the company

Best Device Security Software: Reviews Pricing Comparison Alternatives

Best Device Security Software: Reviews Pricing Comparison Alternatives
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